BDSwiss Affiliate - Top Affiliate Program

BDSwiss is a leader for the demanding affiliate. In the following, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages and give you our personal experience with his comment is here some the partner program of BDSwiss.



The commissions (CPA) at BDSwiss range from 150-200 €. Unlike with other providers, there are no deductions when paying out. Due to the high conversion rates, you can quickly get a nice sum of money and be much better off compared to other brokers.

For brokered customers with a deposit of 100 resources up euros you receive 150 euros commission. It can be negotiated immediately, which will give you more commissions for right here would higher deposits. You should negotiate this staggering directly to the start. Talk to the appropriate support representative.

The conversion rates are by far the highest at BDSwiss. The implementation of the portal really meant everything, and home page than thus potential customers are excellently satisfied with this provider. Also, BDSwiss is the strongest brand, which means a great deal of trust with customers. This is also clearly reflected in the conversion rates.

Important: Some brokers offer a little more here, but these convert all much worse. So it is worth it to prioritize this broker to see this which buy a little (!) Lower commission in order to get away in the end much better.

In addition, BDSwiss Affiliates offers an excellent overview of all of our clients. The statistics here are really exemplary and a dream for every affiliate. Here, no other broker can keep up. useful reference first Not even a bit.


The affiliate backend offers:

BDSwiss Affiliate Statistics (screenshot):



In comparison to all other brokers, the number of landingspages provided even recommended site is very rare. I myself use here as a goal always the homepage, which is quite as a passable Landingpage works and also converted accordingly.


Is BDSwiss reliable?


Yes, BDSwiss pays punctually and always reliably. I have not had any problems with the payout so far. BDSwiss automatically pays the bank account monthly (after you have deposited the account data!)

For BDSwiss , you can also choose to more helpful hints any pay out between Wire Transfer and Moneybookers. This is extremely comfortable.


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